Not an hour into our visit it starts to rain, we all put ponchos on and hope for it to be just a temporary setback.

We manage to get into one ride just to have to come down as they were closing it because of weather conditions, so we decide to go to see if we find something else, this time we get in line and move slowly but consistently watching others go on and off until we get to the front of the row, guess what this time we did not even get to sit on the ride when they told us they were closed until the sky cleared up a bit, this time we decided to wait, and while they can never really tell how long it will be at least everyone was very nice and after a very long wait we were able to ride.

Rainy Day at Busch Gardens Tampa - We got Wet!
We ended up waking a lot more that expected since most of the attractions had to be shut down, and while we totally understand and even agree that they continue to do this as a precaution and safety measures it is disappointing. We also wanted to see some of the amazing animals that they have but the same thing (not that they shut them down LOL) but they are put them was to keep them safe. Again not the best day for this adventure.

But hey, it was not all lost. We got wet and we took this opportunity to explain a bit to our girls about how we actually can control the weather but just make the best out of what we get.

Luckily after doing do the line twice and waiting for a long time I actually was able to ride on the Falcons Fury the one ride experience that could last a life time. Hopefully you got to see our Wordless Wednesday last week where we featured some pictures form our ride, if you have not seen them check them out by clicking the following: Falcons Furry at Busch Gardens Tampa.

The girls were able to enjoy a few rides before we ended up noticing that the rain was not going anywhere except down and we decided it was time to hit the road back.

Our Girls on an airplane at Busch Gardens Tampa

We were all very tired basically from running from one place to another trying to avoid getting wet, which obviously did not work well, since we ended up all wet.

Rainy Day, headed back home from Busch Gardens Tampa

It was a bit hard to hear all the way home “why did we have to leave?” “why did it have to rain?” “but I wanted to go on another ride?”, “why did they have to close the rides?” and many more questions for which the answer was beyond our reach and basically weather related answers that little ones don’t really understand.

We will be heeding back before the end of the year to join Busch Gardens Celebration of the holidays and their famous Christmas Town. if you happen to stop by please share your experience and tell us what is it of Busch Gardens that you love the most.

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