So a few days ago I overheard something like this at our house “I don’t eat broccoli, and I don't like carrots, I’m not eating veggies” and I just said you would (luckily this conversation was among kids and I did not get involved) but here is what we did after steaming the veggies (carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower and squash) that the kids already knew we were doing, we serve some for us and the rest went into the blender with garlic, cream cheese, a bit of seasoning and made this awesome dip for crackers and tiny toasted breads.

Well, Guess what? the kids loved it and ate it all, there was absolutely nothing left. So the next time your little ones or a visitor tells you that they are not going to be eating vegetables, you show them who is the boss LOL…

Oh and by the way if you have shredded cheese you can sprinkle some over it and warm it up so it would melt and it would have another look and a different taste.

Vegan Spread and the Kids loved it!!

After all was set and done, I told everybody what we all ate and the kids did not believe me, I explain that vegetables don’t have to be boring or bland we can make them as fun and interesting as we want and there are a million and one ways to eat them, not to mention it makes a big difference what you eat or mix them with.

We all enjoyed our vegetables for the day...

RE: Veggies for picky eaters
This would be great for my daughter since she is so picky. Will have to try it for her.
RE: Veggies for picky eaters
I like your spin on veggies. My kids also like veggies but not all of my kids friends do so this dip is a great healthy alternative.
RE: Veggies for picky eaters
High five to you, and double on the brilliance for telling them afterwards. ;)

I think that would be a fun way to eat veggies for kids or adults. :)