This is Mango, carrot and banana tasty bevarage to enjoy any day of the week at any time.

Ready in: 10 minutes  |  Serves: |  Complexity: Very Easy
  • 1 Bananas
  • 2 cooked Carrots
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Cup Water (adjust as desired)
  • Hand full of ice
  1. Wash and peel mango and banana
  2. Cut mango, banana and carrots into medium to small pieces
  3. Place fruits in blender add water gradually (add more water as needed)
  4. Last add ice cubes and blend all together.

Server and enjoy with family and friends
We love to be creative with the ingredients that we put into our homemade bevarages this is a very simple Mix Fruit drink that we like to enjoy.

You can make it thicker and have it as Baby-Food for your little one.

Have fun, and Enjoy!!
RE: Mix Fruit Bevarage #recipe
This looks delicious! I've thought about getting a juicer one day, but for now it's much too expensive. Thanks for sharing how I can make fresh juice for my kids without one!
RE: Mix Fruit Drink #recipe
I like the idea that you could sneak carrots into a kid's drink, lol. I admit if I made it for myself, I might skip the carrots & add some peaches! Sneaky!