How to get there is the trick, after you are there it’s just a matter of keeping it and asking the right questions.

Indeed it is, how long would it last, well that is entirely up to you or maybe we just have to wait and see. Our two girls are just 3 and 6 and while many would say they are to young to help I say they have been helping since they were probably just a little over a year old. Even if it was just by picking up their own messes.

Kira washing dishes 3year old watering the plants

If you have children close in age, then you know that it’s not easy to see them argue, however I love to see how our 2 girls argue about who will be doing the dishes. Oh yes, trust me it’s a show every so often at our place, one that most people would not believe. I do hope that when they are 13 and 16 they still have that passion for doing things around the house.

How did we get here?
Early on when they firs began making their general baby messes with baby toys we would encourage to put them where they found them “if not the toys would get lost” and they would not be able to play with them. Now that was the easy part.

Kaylee our little helper 6year old washing dishes
Children are natural helpers, but we as adults know that they would not be able to do correctly many tasks, So what do we do? we “STOP them and don’t “let them help”. I say “Let them help” even if you have to do whatever it is again. It will empower them and make them feel useful. Mastering this step can be a challenge for some parents, but ones you do and your child sees that he/she can “help” it will become a natural thing for them.

Don’t wait till it’s almost impossible to make them help around the house to try to get a plan in place
Let’s encourage good habits from an early age, make it a part of their life, just as we tell them to brush their teeth, they can all do some simple chores..