Sometimes we spend so much time making others happy that we forget to think a bit of ourself, what we need, want, or have to do for us, and by the time we realize it sometimes is a bit to late. For me this is a common thing and while most of the time I don't mind and it really doesn't bother me, because the fact is that making others happy makes me happy, there are moments like the moment right before I wrote this post that I say "Why Bother" Overwhelm by the feeling of lack of appreciation or I'm not sure what, and knowing I still have a million things to do, is at that moment that I realize that I'm about to explode, "Take a deep breath Jay" I say to myself.

I know I'm not an easy cookie, and my moods can easily go from right to left or vise-versa (if that makes sense), my life is far from perfect, yet I would not change it for no other (not in a million years). Not sure if I'm the best person to say this, but as much as you take the time to make other happy, make time to do things that you want and make you happy as well (It's not an easy task, but I know it can be done).

I just thought I would share a bit of my frustrations with you all, yet I know at the end it's all well worth it.

Let me know a bit about your frustrations or the things that you do that make you happy.

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RE: Why Bother?
Thank you Taby, it's nice to see that others understand my frustration. And maybe Why Bother can be a good thing to ask ourselves once in awhile.
RE: Why Bother?
Deep breaths are so important, aren't they? I think Why Bother is a good name for the post, not just because it describes your mood at the time, but also because it is a good question to ask ourselves when we get overwhelmed. When I feel like I have so much to do and I start feeling out of control, I actually ask myself that question about my to do list. If it doesn't bother my husband or kids to leave the dishes dirty for the night, then why bother do them? Why not just take a night off? It is very freeing actually to realize that a lot of the pressure we feel is pressure we put on ourselves, you know what I mean?