Even the little things count, as a matter of fact, starting early on and talking to our little ones about this type of decease is a great start in helping others and preventing more breakouts. Last Friday at Kira's school we had a "Breast Cancer Awareness" Walk. While some children may still not understand all that it's going on and surrounding us, it's important to get them involved and let them know what Cancer is, how it has affected so many great people, and how it can affect anyone of us. Explain that not everyone will get sick, but that we all should start early making good choices to prevent things from affecting us.

Our family was so happy to help and participate in this event, we all did a little and at the end of the day we all had a great time spreading awareness to little ones and grown ups. You may have already seen some shots via our social media or Wordless Wednesday post, yet here are a few more pictures from the event.

Walk for the cure!
Walking for the Cure...

While Kaylee is only one year old she was ready to go, not that she was able to walk the entire walk, but she did participate from start to finish, we just took turns carrying her and letting her walk.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Each Participant went home with one.
Kaylee and Kira doing the Walk for the Cure
Kaylee and Kira doing the Walk.

Kira on the other hand, walked the walk and did great, at the time of the event she actually was very aware of why (the cause) we were walking and was able to talk about "Cancer awareness" with some friends, it was indeed a "Proud moment" for us.

Don't let this month go by without doing something related to "Breast Cancer Awareness”, if you do a search you're probably going to find many controversial resources about what to do or what not to do, just do what you think it’s right for you. You can talk to someone about it, do some research to find out more info and preventives care, talk to your kids about the decease, donate to help find a cure, it does not matter what you do, what matters is that you do something.

Play time with friends
And after the walk, play-time it was...

Think Pink, you don’t have to go overboard.
RE: October #Cancer Awareness
Thank you for supporting this great cause.