Lime by definition is "A rounded citrus fruit similar to a lemon but greener and with a distinctive acid flavor, the evergreen citrus tree that produces this fruit is widely cultivated in warm climates."

I prefer Lime to Lemon.

There are some very uncommon uses for lime, here are just a few, for example you can use lime for:

A better Health:
  • Headaches: Just putting a few slices of lime on the forehead should reduce the pain for a simple headache. I do have to say this does not work for my bad migraines :(.
  • Sore Throat: equal parts of lime and honey a few times a day will have you feeling better before you know it.
  • Mosquito bites: Take a 1/4 of a lime and rub the mosquito bite this will reduce the itchiness and help heal faster.
An easier Cleaning:
  • Odors: cutting a lime in half and rubbing it in a surface or container that has an unpleasant smell will eliminate or significantly reduce the smell.
  • Garbage disposals: Just cut a lime in 4 and drop a piece or 2 down the garbage disposal, run it and the smell will be gone.
  • Microwave oven: Placing a cup of water with a squeezed lime (3 to 4 tbs) and running it on high for 2 min in the microwave oven will eliminate odors, soften splatters for easy removal with a cloth, and leave microwave with a nice scent. Be careful when removing cup as water will be very hot.
Personal Beauty:
  • Hair Care: after washing your hair use some lime juice in your final rinse, it conditions, prevents dandruff and restore some of it's natural shine.
  • Elbows and knees: If your elbows and/or knees are darker try scrubbing some lime a few time a week and this will help making them lighter. Don't overdue it.
If you have other uses for lime or even lemon I would love to here them.