Our day starts between 6:30 to 7:00 am, and then here it goes: breakfast, getting Kira ready for school, taking her to school and I volunteer a few hours. Come home do some  cleanup; can I sit now? Oh boy, it's time to get lunch ready, while cooking let's do some cleaning and organizing, not to mention picking up rattles and baby toys; now it's lunch time afterwards it's Kaylee's nap time, if she wants to take a nap (she started early with the no nap time thing) she's younger but I will go the same route that we have gone with Kira you may read all about it here: "Too old for a nap?".

You would think that with Kira in school we would have time to do more things, guess again: I've manage the regular cleaning, organizing and picking up the same toy about 10 times in an hour, while I try to organize my thoughts and make a mental list of the groceries that we have to buy. I sit down, wait it's Kaylee's eating time ok let's get that going, we are almost done...

Out the door I go to pick-up Kira, she goes to a Head-Start program yet we still do Homeschool time, some days we get right to it after school others we wait and get to it in the late afternoon. So it's either homeschool or something like Kira would say: "Can we go for a walk mommy" how can I say No. Out we go.

We are back...
Shower or baths for the girls, then time to make dinner, dinner time. By the time we are all done with dinner it's about time to get the girls ready for bead, brushing teeth, pj's and reading time, ok they are both in bed (hopefully sleeping), now to finish up the kitchen and take a shower.

Done with my shower, hey what just happen, from morning to night time in a blink of an eye. If I'm lucky it's only 10:00 PM and on to the computer I go...

Is it just me? or do your days' go as fast as mine do?
RE: How come the day is over!
My whole week has been like that too! Where does the time go??? Thank you for linking up to Super Sunday Sync!