We are a family friendly site and by no means that will ever change, however our focus is now clear and very specific we will be sharing our non-traditional, Fun and somewhat unconventional teaching or learning techniques.

HomeSchool FUN

However the decision of becoming home-schooler is not to be taken lightly we explain how we became official Homeschoolers and some of the struggle that we have been presented with on our post Ready to Homeschool?

By taking some down time from blogging and rethinking our position and goals we have determine that Crafty Spices should and will be a place were we share our educational experiences and provide to others supplemental material and/or sources that they can use with children.

You will still have access to all our previous post via our Crafty Articles list located on the right side of our main page and if you do so or if you have been following us you might notice that the educational thoughts have been a part of us for a very long time ago, it’s just now that have finally realized that that has been our calling all along.