I think there is a plot on the way, I just have to figure it out, before they get away with it...

Are they starting early or what!

If she is already conspiring and planning plots, I can only imagine what we have to come. I think we have our job cut out for us.

So instead of me telling you what is going on, take a look for yourself at what I was able to capture on camera:

Here is Kaylee and Miss Frog...

We realize that at just 1 month of age she seems very aware of her soundings and is staring to explore and develop her curiosity. It's human nature to learn the unknown and it's up to mom and dad to make the best out of this opportunity.

Isn't it wonderful to see them grow and learn new things.

RE: Partners in Crime...
Let me know if you need any additional security for the baby.
Dedicated 2 Life
She is adorable. I love their development skills at this age and watching their awareness. = )

Irish Carter
Catch My Words
Quite cute!

Thank you.
Hi Julie,
Thanks so much for stopping by and for you comment.
Tell me about it, time just goes by so fast.
You have a great weekend as well.
RE: Partners in Crime...
What a cutie! Can't believe she is 1 month already!

Have a great weekend!

Julie @ Naptime Review