When introducing something new to our household specially if it’s something that our girls are going to be interacting with, we always look for things that have somewhat of a learning curve, educational points. Meaning things that we can use to continue our homeschool process. From the moment I saw this game I know we could make "The Pancake Pile-up Game” part of one of our lessons. The one thing we were not sure was how our girls would react to this game and pancakes,

The Box: contains ten - 2.5” pancakes in five different flavors (strawberry, plain, blueberry, chocolate chip and banana), two plates, two small butter chunks, two spatulas, ten cards with different pancake order, a how to guide and one of the sides of the box acts or serves as a the griddle game board.

Kira and Kaylee playing the Pancakes Pile-up Game
Kira and Kaylee starting the game, learning as they go.

Our girls are 4 and 2 and while the is recommended for children 4 and up, I have to say that our little 2 year old has gotten her share of pancake pile-ups. To our surprise they both love the pancakes, we have gotten so much more than just a game, the girls love to play the game, and they also really like to play “make believe cooking pancakes”

The actual game consists of selecting a card then the children (our girls) using only a spatula have to try and make the exact pancake pile-up, toped with the make believe butter. This is a game they can play without the need of batteries or any type of power to it, in fact I would consider this game extremely low-tech, and yet brings so much fun to young children.

Kira and Kaylee playing the Pancakes Pile-up Game
Kira and Kaylee playing the Pancakes Pile-up Game
Kira and Kaylee playing the Pancakes Pile-up Game
Happy they completed the pile-up

Besides the game and the pretend cooking using the Pancake Pile-up Game we have been able to incorporated a number of education activities including but not limited to: matching activities, math games (addition and subtraction), help develop gross motor skills, fruit and color coordination and wordings.

Pros: Help develop gross motor skills and can be easily incorporated into other educational activities, no batteries needed.
Cons: Limited to 2 players or have to separate into two relay teams.
Our final Thoughts: Nice simple game at a very reasonable price, love how easily we can do multiple activities with the pancakes and not be limited to just the game board.

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