Every day I thank God for our 2 beautiful Blessings. Kira is happy and proud to be a big sister and she loves her little sister.

5 Months!
Kaylee Saiya.

I can spend hours talking about our baby, but then again I'm sure most parents could do the same, well here is just a little something of our little girl, and of how she is doing as of today:

Weight: She weighing about 15 pounds, chubby chicks and big thighs just like grandma.

Height: She is measuring 24.5 inches, pretty good for 5 months.

Clothing: mostly wears pink :), but on occasions wears blue, yellow, green and any other color that comes along, is currently on size 6 month.

Diapers: Funny thing, with Kira we used Huggies until potty-trained; but with Kaylee we started with Huggies, but switched from one brand to another, so far we have tried a number of them and right now we are currently using the Walgreens brand and they seem fairly good and economical.

What just happen mom?

Sleeping: luckily she is a good sleeper, most nights she sleeps through the night, yet she does complain a little, fortunatlly a small face rub, a bit of patting on her but and she goes right back to sleep.

Accomplishments: she plays by herself in her play-gym; she holds her bottle and drinks her milk all by herself; makes the effort to sit and holding by our fingers she stands up.

Just Kaylee: She is a very happy baby, smiling all the time and very attentive to all her surroundings, likes different sounds and tries to imitate some.

Little ones grow too fast, there is not a moment to spare, enjoy every second as you don't get the same twice.

Happy Month-Day Kaylee and we all look forward as to what the future holds.

Her Weight Loss Diary
She is so adorable! Baby grow up too fast. Sometimes we can hardly believes how quickly the time goes by. Have a great week.

visiting u from Aloha Friday.