"Feet" could you guess what are we featuring today?

Come back every week to see if you can guess on what would be featured.
Feet is part of a phrase/quote, did you guess right? or did you think it was a tip.
"A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step."
Widely Attributed to Lao-Tzu and to Confucius.

I heard this quote the other day in the series "Arrow", and it just got me thinking. I had heard it before but never really did think much about it until now.

This quote is a fact. The most difficult thing of doing something is getting started, it can be a simple essay, a career, a book, a drawing, a blank piece of paper is the worst, and can lead to great things...

This being said if you have a feeling, are passionate, or believe in something just get it going. Don't be waiting for the perfect moment, or the ideal scenario, get started and mold it as you go.

What has been your most resent adventure? or something that you have struggled to get started and it has turned out to be something great.