Taby and husband

While I have not had the privilege of personally meeting Tabeta Jean it is my pleasure to call her my bloggy friend. I can relate to her in so many ways and yet we are so very different.

The Closet Intellectual is her blog, she writes a variety of subjects and is always great to stop by and see what she has going on.

Enjoy every moment.

Here is what Taby had to say about her and a few questions that we asked:

"I am originally from the bay area in California.  When I was 22, we moved out to North Carolina, just because we could.  My folks retired, & they came out to NC too, as did my sister.  We then moved to Arizona for a year, before we settled in Tennessee {where my husband is from}.  We didn't have any particular reason for moving around, other than, as I said, because we could!  Now we are settled in though-- this is our home, no doubt.  My husband & I are both historians & college professors.  We have three kids, our eldest in 20 and in college {she has her own place down the road from us}, Thing 2 is 16 and Thing 3 is 15.  We also have 3 dogs {Doc, Alice & Poosh} and 2 cats {Boromir and Mac}.  We live in our little odd house {Cecilia} and are really very happy!"

A quote that they love
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Besides blogging what are your hobbies.
"I used to faux finish furniture {trompe-l'oeil} & do painting {like faux plaster or marble} while I was in college, and I still do a bit just for fun.  I sew, craft, DIY-- I've even done plumbing & electric work in our house!   I'm sort of a jack-of-all-trades!"

Tell us a little about how and why did you start your blog?
"I actually started blogging as a way of sort of showing off the stuff I did to & around the house.  It was a way of keeping me creative, you know?  Sort of a record of what I'd done & what I'd like to do.  It has blossomed in to a bit of this -n- that: a family journal, a venting space, a photo album-- I just love it."

How has blogging affected your life?
"Well, like I said above, it has encouraged my creative side!  Its also introduced me to a whole bunch of wonderful people {yourself included} & the whole community of bloggers!  Its also encouraged us to explore our own hometown & the areas around it.  Photographing for the blog has also changed the way I look at everyday things, like produce at the farmer's market!  Everything takes on an additional aura of beauty when you are looking at through a camera lens!"

Taby's Children

Before we continue with Taby's answers I would like to take this opportunity to have you view the photo to the left side of this writing, these are her three beautiful children, I just love this shot and had to share it with you all.

Oh, by the way, yes this is a lovely shot yet it is about 15 years old, check out the below pictures from her children as they are today. 

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Kira & Renan in a Kiddycoaster Kira & Marija in a Firetruck Kira in an Airplane

On the subject of blogging, Taby is the creator of "Five Among Friends" a weekly friendly event that helps us get to know each other a bit better.

Now back to our questions...

Where do you find inspiration?
"Everywhere! The web of course-- pinterest, other bloggers. But also local craft stores & fairs, & the quirky stores around us-- all of which we found because of the blog."

Where do you find inspiration? "Everywhere!  The web of course-- pinterest, other bloggers.  But also local craft stores & fairs, & the quirky stores around us-- all of which we found because of the blog."

Thank you for reading along...

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Thank you for such an awesome article Jay!! Hugs from across the internets!