If you think about it, even each and every one of us can every day learn something new about ourselves, give it a try and you could discover things that you had not thought about.

Getting to know each other better!
1. If you could be famous for ONE thing, what would it be?
    It would be for something crafty or for my focus into our girls education.
2. If you had a super-power, what would it be? Why?
    I would love to have the ability to stop time, just to have more time to do so many things. My mine is always going like 100 miles per hour above the speed limit and I'm trying to keep up with it trying to get everything don "in time". Time is relative LOL
3. When did you realize you wanted to be a blogger?
    I don't think I realized it, a number of friends mentioned it to me over and over and one day I told my husband about it and he said why not. A few day's later he surprised me: he had purchased the domain name that I told him I liked. And that is where Crafty Spices started.
4. UPS or FedEx? Which is better?
    Does not matter to me, they both get the package to the final destination
5. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
    We try to be on the healthy side specially for the girls. I do like healthy ice cream as well, but I will admit that my total favorite is Cookie dough (with extra cookie dough if at all possible please) Yummy....
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RE: Five Among Friends 7
I love your super-power. I would also like to be able to stop time whenever I needed those extra few hours to get things done! And that's cool how your blog name came to be :)