Wordless Wednesday

Today we are sharing some pictures of our little 4 year old with some creative princess nails that have self adhesive (no chemicals added), and the best part they come off the same simple way. They last for a few hours at most.  

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Princess Nails for a Princess

Kaylee with her Princess Nails

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RE: Princess Nails Wordless Wednesday 203
What an interesting concept having little girls' nails. Nothing in my day.
RE: Princess Nails Wordless Wednesday 203
Merry Christmas Jay! :-)
Oh My Heartsie Girl WW
What fun fingers, little girls love the nail art!!!
Happy Holidays!!
RE: Princess Nails Wordless Wednesday 203
I agree, she is so expressive that one can tell how she feels about things immediately.

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Holiday Season!
RE: Annual Trek to Bass Pro
Thank you!
RE: Princess Nails Wordless Wednesday 203
While we did have toys it was extremely rigorous, beyond military regimen LOL...
RE: Princess Nails Wordless Wednesday 203
Her nails look lovely her face says it all heheh!
Annual Trek to Bass Pro
Too Cute!!!
RE: Princess Nails Wordless Wednesday 203
So cute!
We had not such things in childhood...
Happy Christmas time from Germany :-)