There is much to say and to be thankful about the dedication of many doctors, not to say that there are some that could use a course or two on social skills and verbal communication but indeed most doctors do a great Job and care for what they do.

Until we find ourselves in a situation where it is inevitable that we need a specialist or have a love one that does we don’t pay much attention as to the work that these professionals do.

If you are involved in the medical field in one way or another thank you for your work, thank you for caring for others and for maybe sometimes taking some of your own personal time and dedicating it to someone that you may not even know. There may be someone out there that probably does not even remember you but in fact may be healthy because of something you did. And for that we are thankful.

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RE: Thankful Thursday, doctors and... #Linky
As a former Operating Room RN I appreciate your kind words. Those in the medical profession don't always get to hear how we are doing and the lives we have touched. We continue on not for the kudos but because we believe we can make a difference.