First I would like to clarify that "No", I’m not against modern medicine, but if I can avoid them, I’m all up for it, specially with my little one, the least amount of chemicals and things that I can barely pronounce the name, going into our bodies, the better. 

Love and Water goes a long way.

As this was going on with my baby, I remembered some old remedies that my mother and grandmother used to do, I started to gather what I needed and got right to it. Just follow these steps:

First things first;
  • Get a vaporizer in her room (always away from little hands), if at all possible add a few drops of eucalyptus oil.
  • Give her plenty of liquids, specially water and water with lime.
Then I’m thinking… When I’m sick or feeling under the weather, I take sips of a mix of honey and lime. But wait, with a one year old I don’t really like the idea of giving that much honey to her; so instead:
  • I tried a small spoon of lime (could use lemon), and for my surprise “She liked it” great. I did this just 1 or 2 times a day.
  • Oh and then I remembered “the onions” (not a big fan of them) but I have to do what I have to do, so I got an onion and cut it relatively small pieces (any way works) – There is two things we can do with them, one is as simple as eating a couple of pieces a day, the second thing to do with onions is put them in water and warm them up (stove or microwave), drain them (save the water for sipping on it), put onions in a small towel and put in her chest and feet for a few minutes (a few seconds at a time), always being careful not to burn the little one.
Within a couple of days doing this, my daughter’s temperature, cold and coughing was completely gone. Please remember that if you try some of these or other home remedies and you do not see improvement, see a doctor.
Healthy Baby, happy baby; happy baby, happy Mommy.
Kira and her cousin Naomy.

As most of you may know, Kira (my little one) is currently 2 years or age (31 months) and when ever we have notice that she seems to be coming up with something like a cold, we follow +/- these steps, we have never had to take her to the doctor except for her regular checkups, vaccination and the recent ER visit.

She is a happy and healthy little Girl who love to help, play, read and have fun both indoors and outdoors.

I hope you can use some or all of these tips.
Questions and comments are always welcome.
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Mom you sure have learn alot from mom,good old home remedy.Thank You Princesa.