Sometimes we plan and we plan…
Just to realize that things are turning out very different from what we anticipated, getting over that feeling is not easy yet very rewarding after the fact. Don’t get me wrong, planing, having expectation and setting goals is a great thing, however learning to go with the flow and learning to take things as they come, and living one day at a time is surely a very important quality to have, one that has taken me some time to acquire but I think I am getting there.

Time Off and time to Move

With the beginning of a new season many things occur, it’s not by coincidence that “A Season” is actually more than a week long, it’s because all takes time. Yes, there is time for everything, and time for “Off Time” (sometimes unexpected). Not to mention sometimes it takes time or I should say “Time Off” to be able to determine ones real goals and the path to take towards reaching such goals.

Most likely you have notice our low or down time, we have had a chance to re-evaluate and we are ready “we think” for the next step, the next season so to speak.

That being said, we are excited about this new adventure that we are in-taking and most importantly we are happy let you know that we have many new things that we will be sharing with you. Don’t forget to keep checking for updates.