3 year old - Letter A Upper case, lower case and sigh language

A few days ago we did a simple craft where Kaylee our 3 year old had the opportunity to make some A’s, as simple as it may sound children learn by repetition and it’s the simple things that most of the time catches their attention. Don’t hesitate or be afraid to try something with your child just because you think it’s to simple, simple makes it doable for them and they get a feeling of accomplishment.

3 year old thinkng of ways to make the Letter A

While we actually ended up helping her a little, mainly with the cursive lowercase a, our little girl did was very proud of her A’s and was showing them around.

3 year old ready to start craftying the Letter A
Simple things can be a great learning tool for children, not only are they fun and entertaining for them, but they are easy and low cost.

Let them use their imagination and get out there, sometimes you may guide them such as with this activity that we were focusing on the letter A-a but others just let them be.

3 year old crafted the Letter "A" upper case and lower case

Have FUN and Learn!!