First of all if you have not heard about it, I should let you know that this is if not the largest then one of the largest Homeschool used books re-sales in Florida. We are honored and product to be a part of this ongoing ministers, a place where homeschoolers get together and help one another.

Thanks to the hard work of a few laddies, followed with many volunteers this ministry has been able to put together a yearly event for 14 years now, this year we had over 300 sellers.

The teamwork that goes on to put together this event is admirable. Its also great how we establish these connections with ladies (moms - homeschoolers) and we all end up looking forward to working together. We spend a few days organizing and then the actual sale date, these days we talk and share experiences while we put up books and arrange supplies and educational material.

There is also lunch time where we actually get to sit-down and talk a bit more relax, while its’ a short amount of time it is so gratifying and nice to sit and chit-chat with other moms with similar believes.

Even though officially school starts for a child when they are 5 or 6 years of age depending on local legislations, one can start unofficially "Homeschooling" as early as you wish. This re-sale is sure to have for all ages and grades. Not to mention all items including books, hands on material, and others are organized by category, subject and grade level.

If you re a homeschooler and you are not familiar with this yearly re-sale i highly recommend you to keep a look out for next years event, as you are sure to find great material for your homeschool adventure. Stop by and you will not regret it, on the contrary you will probably become and usual. Better yet, you may become a volunteer for the event or sale some of the materials that you are no longer using.

Hope to see you next year!