Kira, our 6 year old has gotten pretty good swimming and we hope for her to get even better. On the other hand we have Kaylee our 3 year old whom is not so far behind and we are so proud of both of them.

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"Our little Mermaids"

Our Big-Little Mermaid Our Little Little Mermaid

Kaylee underwater, swimming away

3Year Old underwater swimmer
Kira swimming

3Year Old underwater swimmer

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RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
Great shots! You must have an underwater camera.
RE: Xmasdolly
Sorry to hear that you were in pain, hopefully by now the shots have done there job and you are much better.
Thank you for joining the party.
Sorry I didn't stop by yesterday, but I was in a great deal of pain & I had my shots today so I should be doing really good for the next six or seven months. Thank you for stopping by and I love love love your pictures. She is adorable and wow I sure wish I had a camera that took pics underwater. Those pics are great!
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
That is a great idea!
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
There is so much we can do with cameras ;)
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
It really is worth it, you never know when it can come handy.
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
We just got one and it's great.
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
Makes me want to explore an underwater photo shoot.
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
Such fun underwater photos, cameras are so clever these days!
RE: Underwater Wordless Hop 191
Amazing captures! This is what I am planning to do this summer holidays! For my son to learn how to swim =)