After a bit of research we fast found out that they are called Sandhill Cranes, and that they are actually common here in Florida USA. Since then we have seen many of these very nice creatures and we took the opportunity to take some pictures.

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"Sandhill Crane"

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RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
Great captures - thanks for sharing.
Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
Not sure where were you seeing this message. I think maybe linkup was down for a while or something.
Around the Table
I can't find the link up! It's not showing up. Apparently others see it. Is it a problem on my end?
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
Very beautiful Photos.
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
Says "This InLinkz widget is not allowed in this website. You can still view the linkup here"
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
Wonderful photos, Jay. We always love seeing the Sandhill cranes when we visit Florida. :)

Thanks for hosting!
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
That first one looks like it's wearing high heeled boots heheh!

Have a cranetastic day Jay :-)
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
We get these birds in our yard daily! Some let you get pretty close. It's strange that they seem to always be traveling in groups of 3. Great photos.
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
The cranes have my vote this week!
RE: Sandhill-Crane Wordless Hop187
Awesome photos! Have a wonderful week!