Over the years many have described a friend in so many ways. One frequent definition, or maybe just one that I really notice because I truly believe in is that a Friend is someone that does not judge you, one that believes in you without limitations, that tells you what he/she things and will stand by your side in the good times and bad times.

So to all the good Friends out there, whether you live close or far away thank you, thank you for being there at all times for your friends. I’m lucky to have people that I can call my Friends and while most of them don’t live very close to me we still remain close even if we don’t see each other very often or even talk on a daily bases.

After a while a real Friend becomes more than just a friend, he or she becomes part of your family a bond as strong as any blood connection. Be a good Friend and never turn your back on your family!!

Thank you for being a friends, specially thank you to does that I can call “MY Friends”.

For what are you thankful for?

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