Anyway, we have entertained the idea of including sweets in some of our home-school educational lessons. Learning about chocolate has become very interesting to the girls. That has not stopped them from wanting to eat them, however they are pretty good on respecting and limiting themselves to the amount that we set.

Chocolate Pastry

A few days ago Kira, our 6 year old insisted on baking something. We decided to find something very easy so that she can actually do it all on her own. Extremely simple and with only 2 ingredients not much could go wrong, we only had to supervise the oven portion keeping everybody safe, other than that we even let Kira choose what chocolates she wanted to use.

Kira making chocolate pastries

This is how it goes:
Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C).
Take one pack of crescents rolls (I like the Pillsbury flaky) but you can use the original or any other type that you prefer. Open and separate the triangles, place them on a nonstick ungreased oven safe tray or mat, then add a mini-chocolate (reeses, snickers, milky way, or any other) over each triangle piece, wrap the chocolate by folding the triangle corners onto them. Bring to the already heated oven and bake for 20minutes or until you see they are golden on top.

Chocolate Pastries ready to eat

Remove from the oven, some of the caramel, chocolate or peanut butter may have spilled out, not a big deal. Let the puffs cool down a bit and be ready to enjoy.




Well, that sounds absolutely yummy and what a sweet snack! Sweets for the sweet as they say! Thanks for sharing.