Entertainment Fees?

Written by Crafty Spices
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Entertainment Monitors?

Have you seen these monitors at restaurant tables?
If you have, most likely or hopefully you know what I'm going to be talking about.
If you haven't, be aware,
you are probably in for a surprise.

You say what!
Are you entertained?

We found ourselves in a restaurant that had these little monitors, as we waited for our food, a slide show in the little screen: the desserts, drinks and a few other things, a waiter came by and we made a comment about a dessert in the screen, she hold the monitor and we talked for a moment and then she left.

Entertainment Monitor?
Entertainment Monitor?

As we are looking at the screen our little Kira touches the screen and slides the the images, we are playful about it. That is, until the bill comes and shows a charge for "entertainment fees" (you say what?), the charge was minimum but my problem was not the amount but the nondisclosure, as nobody told us that we would be charged if we touched the little monitor.

Well that is one of our traveling experiences, again, we have no problem with the monitors, or even if they what to charge for it's use, but I do believe that the customer should be told upfront about it. They did end up removing the charge and apologizing for this, but to how many people they include this charge and they probably don't even notice.

Word of advise: Always check your bill, it's your money and your right to do so.

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