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Superior Bright X5 All In One Multi-Purpose Flashlight

We were offered the opportunity to review the Superior Bright X5 All Purpose Flashlight, we agreed base on the fact that we have prior experience with other similar flashlights and have found ourselves really using them a lot. At home, or on the go they are a tool good to have.

We read the specification and it seems like it's a flashlight that we could put to good use. We also like the idea of having a flashlight in the car for any emergency.

We accepted and patiently waited for the flashlight to arrived, it did take a bit to get here but one it did we started using it immediately and really wanted to put it to the test.

Specifications and Features: Official Description.

The Superior Bright X5 All In One Multi-Purpose Flashlight Now you can be prepared and SEE and BE SEEN better. Sidelight For Emergency Power Outage - Lights Entire Room. Emergency Flashing Red Lights The magnetic base attaches securely to your vehicle with flashing red emergency LED lights that can be seen for over a half mile for life safety and security. The X5 is weatherproof and made of premium high grade materials. Best Premium Quality Guarantee With our No Risk, No Hassle, Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee, you have NO Risk and peace of mind with your purchase.

What’s in the box:

Superior Bright X5 Flashlight on/off button Superior Bright X5 Flashlight Battery magazine Superior Bright X5 Flashlight with Magnetized Base

Our Experience and Review:

The Superior Bright X5 is an all in one Multi-Purpose Flashlight that has three modes: The 1st one turns on the everyday bright LED directional Flashlight with 7 white LEDs. I find it to be very bright to be use indoors and also outdoor, I special like that it is water resistant so it is practical to be use when camping or in a rainy situation.

The 2nd mode turns on the LED side work and EMERGENCY white lights, with 19 white LEDs. It has enough power to illuminate a room in a power outage, or for work in your car, or any other situation you may encounter.

The 3rd mode turns on the red flashing EMERGENCY RED LED lights, with 6 red LEDs. That can be use to attract attention to your car on the road or to try to flag someone for help.

The Superior Bright X5 has a magnet at the bottom, that is specially handy for emergency situations, like when changing the tire of a car at night (one can attached it to the car while illuminating the area) or in case of emergency when a red light may be needed to sing for help.

The flashlight is well built, made of metal with a no slip rubber grip and a wrist band. The Weight of the The Superior Bright X5 with batteries is around 7 ounces, which make it very practical and lightweight for it size. It uses 3 AAA batteries which unfortunately are not included in the package.

Superior Bright X5 Flashlight Cree LED Superior Bright X5 Flashlight Cree LED on Superior Bright X5 Flashlight Cree emergency red LED

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Weatherproof
  • No Risk, No Hassle, Lifetime Money Back or Replacement Guarantee.
  • The on/off button is in the same side than the led side creed light, when turn on it shines right at your face.
Superior Bright X5 Flashlight Cree attached to car

Final Thoughts: The Superior Bright X5 is well built all weather emergency flashlight, that we recomend to have at home and in your car.

Purchasing Information

The Superior Bright X5 All In One Multi-Purpose Flashlight is available to purchase: HERE

 Now for the Giveaway
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