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The first time I heard about active rings I had no idea as to what they were talking about, and actually I may have even imagine something to do with exercise, shortly after I learned what they actually were.

Active Rings are rings that one would wear instead of wearing the fancy, expensive and sentimental wedding rings. These active rings come in 4 different colors: red, blue, black and gray. You choose one color and the company will send you not only the one that you have chosen but they will also always include a gray Active Ring.

Let’s face it you probably are thinking why in the world would I wear this, at least that is what I first thought after learning what they were. Still I agreed to give them a try and see what they were all about.

As an active mom of 2, I often find myself in situations were I actually end up taking my rings off so they don’t get damage, covered in paint, glue dirt, etc. So I waited to receive the active rings, just to find out that they run a bit big and they would slide right out of my finger, so I could not wear them. I contacted the company and they were so helpful and very quickly send me a smaller size, the second set of rings do fit perfectly and I was ready to see if I would actually end up using them or not.

To my surprise I have come to like them and find myself using them quite often. I do not like that each ring does say, instead I would have liked it to have a love related world or message.

Active Rings

I selected the red but have actually been using more the gray than the actual red. I love to wear my ring when doing crafts with our girls and I don’t have to take it off to wash the dishes or even when we go to the swimming pool.

While I was not very excited originally I now think this is a cute and fun way to always wear my “wedding ring” while keeping my actual wedding ring safe to be use at other occasions.

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