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Xlear SparX hard candy

When I was asked to review / sample Xlear SparX, I had never heard about them before and had no idea what they were

I googled them and found out that SparX are hard candy sweetened with 100% Xylitol , and can be good for our teeth.

Great! what is Xylitol? After doing some research I learned that Xylitol is a plant base artificial sweetener that is suppose to be good for teeth and gums. I was very intrigued and was looking forward to trying SparX, yet I had no expectations at all.

Candy that can be good for your teeth!!!
Xlear SparX hard candy

We sampled SparX Fruit, and SparX Citrus; I was pleasantly surprised as to the great taste of these little interesting candies, I really liked the Citrus and so did my family, it was a big hit around my house, both my daughter and husband loved them; the SparX Fruit was good as well, yet the flavor was not as defined the Citrus.

They are great candies for when we are craving something sweet but don't what to feel guilty an hour later, I did not feel bad giving my toddler SparX candy and she kept asking for more; it's good to have a hard candy that is actually good for our teeth and gums, lastly I like the easy and practical container they come in, as I can put in my purse and have some any time of the day, yet you have to be careful when you open to get some as you can easily poor all of them out.


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was given to me. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to try this product and post on my blog, to facilitate this review I received the product for free from the sponsors of Moms Meet SM Program (May Media Group LLC.), whom receive it from the manufacture Xlear Inc. My opinions may not reflect those of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer.
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