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HangPro Car Organizer

Ones you have children life and all it’s components start shifting. At the end of the day when you think you are finally done you still are picking up after the little ones.

Your car suddenly is not that perfectly need clean car that you use to have, and you can find endless books, toys and maybe even snacks (if you let them eat in the car). That’s where a car organizer or 2 come in handy.

We received the Jaco HangPro Car Organizer to be put to the test mainly by our little girls, to see if this would indeed help to keep things more organized in our car.

Product Specifications:
(Per the Company)

  • MODERNLY DESIGNED interior organizer for car features 7 expandable pocket areas, providing optimal storage space without being bulky, intrusive, or hard-to-reach
  • CLEVERLY CRAFTED with premium quality fabric and careful stitching, ensuring your new car organizer stays reliable for many miles of clutter-free road trips, adventures, and everyday travel
  • 2-IN-1 STYLE is designed for use on both the front or back of your car seat, simply adjust the durable, double-stitched top strap to convert it from a backseat organizer to a front seat driver caddy
  • 2-IN-1 STYLE is designed for use on both the front or back of your car seat, simply adjust the durable, double-stitched top strap to convert it from a backseat organizer to a front seat driver caddy
  • 100% LIFETIME satisfaction guarantee, here's what our customers say: "you won't know how you lived without it" "very well made and durable" "I absolutely LOVE this car organizer!" "best one yet"

 HangPro Car Organizer HangPro Car Organizer HangPro Car Organizer

Our Experience: Before going into how it’s worked out for us, I have to tell you that the HangPro Car Organizer is made out of a strong fabric and reenforced with cardboard making it durable and resistant.

This organizer can be use on the passenger side facing front that is if you would like to keep control of what goes in or out and you don’t have anyone on the passenger seat (Please don’t start searching in it while driving); it can also be placed on either front seat facing the back-seats for the back passengers to place or grab things directly.

We have been using it hanging from the passenger seat facing the back seat, right in front of Kira our 5 year old and it has served us very well. We would have liked for it to have a long flap to protect the seat from little feet on the back.

HangPro Car Organizer

She likes to read and also carries in the car a notebook to write and this now with this organizer she keeps everything in one place. Not to mention there is always one or two toys sitting around and have also gone into the organizer.

The smaller front pockets are great for small items and since they are a mesh you can actually see what’s inside. We do not eat in our car, however we do like to have our water bottles and its nice that the girls now can keep theres right in front of them in the Car Organizer.

Final Thoughts: If you have kids a Car Organizer is definitely a must have, the HangPro Car Organizer does great and with it’s many pockets keeping everything in place is very easy.

Purchasing Information

If you would like to purchase the "HangPro Car Organizer" click: HERE

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