A Week in March, Green Week 2015

Written by Crafty Spices
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Materials for Green Week 2015

Last Week it was St. Patrick’s Day, and the official beginning of Spring. What does that mean for you?
I have to admit that it is not our custom to celebrate this day, neither my husband or I grew up anywhere close to people that would commemorate or even mention this day.

While St. Patrick’s Day, St. Patty’s day or the Feast of Saint Patrick is very well know by many people and it is a national holiday in Ireland, here in the United States it’s not a holiday but also celebrated in many ways by many people. It's a big party day and I would say that most people probably don’t even know who was St. Patrick or that his real name was not even close to Patric but "Maewyn Succat" .

Anyway, sometimes it is just about having fun, these days for us instead of going out to party we have found another excuse to focus our attention in a specific educational subject to share with our girls. A day where we embrace that color green and do fun activities where they can practice different skills.

Below are a few of the things our girls enjoyed this past week
And these were just some of the things that we ended up doing in what we are calling our Green Week and the beginning of Spring.

On St. Patrics Day Kira insisted that we record her, below is a small clip:

Have fun and remember there is always something to teach and to learn from everything that we do.

Did you do something special that week?, or maybe just on St. Patrick's Day?

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