Sick Children, Parent’s Pain...

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Our Sweet Girls

Our children are our greatest Joy, watching them have fun and enjoy the simple things of life completes my day, any day of the week.

Things work both ways, and when they are sick it has the opposite effect on us. Having a child sick and watching him or her struggle in pain is very disconcerting and painful for us as parents. And then again, what is worst than having a child sick? Having 2 children sick at the same time and not just with a regular cold.

For the last week and still going our two K’s have been sick, and you would think that being sick together is because they may have passed it from one to the another but that is not the case. They are actually sick with very different symptoms. Anyway we have been up every night with one or the other, and on occasions we’ve had them both up at 2 or 3 in the morning.

A parent develops a sense that can tell when their little one is sick, not to mention a child's expression can say a million things and their eyes are like they say “A window to their souls" and we can see the pain and feelings that are rushing through their little bodies.

And now Kaylee get's down on her own.
Kira's Eyes speak for themselves!

Sometimes I just don’t understand doctors, and don’t get me wrong, I like our doctor but why is it standard practice not to give any medicine at all to a child until they are really, really sick. In other countries they treat things as soon as they see/notice them to avoid them becoming something worst. We took Kaylee early on to the doctor and they told us to just let it run it’s course. Well... now Kaylee's little cough has turned into Bronchitis and even the doctor is somewhat concern because of the way she is breathing and coughing, “No kidding”. Now we have to put her the nebulizer every 3 to 4 hours.

Silicone Ear-buds or ear-cushions
Kaylee using the Nebulizer
Built-in Volume Control knob
Kira’s expression is painful.

Kira on the other hand has been stomach sick, going to the bathroom very often and has been having some pretty bad cramps and or colics, not to mention she also came out with an ear infection. Just recently they prescribed 2 different types of medicine including antibiotics, unfortunately her stomach is still the same, hopefully her ears are getting better.

Anyway, as I write this it's about 3:30 in the morning and it’s only been about 20 minutes that I put Kira back to bed and I have yet to touch my bed. We are keeping a close eye on both of our girls, we are hoping that our girls get well very soon, and maybe we will resort to some of our grandmas natural home-remedies.

I know tomorrow or I should say today will be another very long day.
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# RE: Sick Children, Parent’s Pain...Mishael 2014-10-15 09:05
Hope they get better very very very soon. it break our hearts to see them like that.

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