Our 2 year old knows the months of the year in Spanish.

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Meses del Año - Kira

The younger they are, the more they absorb, they are like a little new sponge absorbing all the water they can touch. Our own limitations will be those of them, turn learning time into playing time and you will notice how involve they get, and how fast they end up learning new things.


Education always starts at home!
 Even if we just have 10 or 15 minutes a day, we take that time and play with our little one with an educational game, we know we're helping so much in her development, we’ve incorporated playing/learning both in english and in spanish, not to mention that we’ve introduced her to sign language as well (very early in her life), which by the way is a great way to start communication with your baby before they start to talk, and it helped us tremendously at feeding time, potty training and she even got to tell us if she was in pain and where it was. 
Spanish Time...
Today we will show you a video of Kira telling us the months of the year in spanish (Remember, she is 2 years old).
Please leave us a comment, or if you have any questions in reference to our “educational style” feel free to ask away.
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