Today is my turn

Written by Crafty Spices

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Kaylee speaking:

Hi there, I'll be short so Mommy and Daddy don't catch me here.

Every day I see my Mommy and Daddy sit in front of this thing and do things, they call it work, well... what is work?

I want to work!

Sure she want's to work!
It's all about ...

This thing (I think they call computer) with letters and numbers what does it do?
They talk about web something and emails; about browsing and networking...
Humm, today is my turn, and here I go...
Yes, it's all about the computer, I should get to use it as well.
Today is my turn, I'm in the web and will be sending you an email… oops how do I do that?, I will try to figure it out, and then go from there.
I will watch a video and see what else I can do.
Hey, did you get it?, oh maybe not, do I have to hit send?
Oh well, mommy is comming, Take Care!

My turn
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