A Beach Day, without the Beach…

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While we do live in Florida, it’s not like we live 5 minutes from the beach. Then there are some days that they are so nice that one can say they are a great “Beach Day”. A few days ago after our school time we were outside playing and it turned out to be one of those days, just lovely.

A Beach Day, without the Beach… Sun in the San

We figured that the girls could play with sand as if they were at the beach, as soon as we mentioned it the girls were very excited and loved the idea.

A Beach Day, without the Beach… Kaylee playing with sandA Beach Day, without the Beach… Kaylee playing with sand

We cleared the space, opened an umbrella and set it up as our very own sand beach area. Buckets and shovels came out and we had all at hand. Just a few minutes of preparation and a little bit of imagination transformed our backyard in a lovely quiet sand beach with access to a full kitchen and bathroom - LOL.

The Girls playing with Sand in our backyard

The best part of all was that while we played we were also “Learning trough Play” talking about the elements that exist in a real beach.

A Beach Day, without the Beach… Kira playing with SandA Beach Day, without the Beach… Kira playing with Sand

While the little one counted the scoops of sand that she would put into a bucket, the oldest one had to say when the buckets were 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 of the way filled.

It was a Beach day, without no beach and yet filled with laughter, fun, play and learning…
As parent we feel very fortunate when we see our children enjoying themselves while learning without even realizing it.

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