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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bright House Networks. All opinions are 100% mine.

In this time and age I’m sure you have heard and most likely are familiar with Wi-Fi Hotspots (places where we can access internet). Ok, so here is the good news Bright House Networks is offering this service to you and me both for FREE so that everyone has the opportunity to tryout Bright House Network Wi-Fi Hotspots.

While you may be thinking “OH, but I’m not a Bright House Network costumer” don’t let that stop you, this offer is for everybody, customer and non customers, as a mater of fact Bright House Network high speed Internet customers already receive the Bright House Networks Wi-Fi hotspot service for no additional charge. That being said this offer is pretty much for the rest of the people.

It is our understanding that Bright House Networks currently has more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots available and adding more and more as possible, not to mention they have many partnerships that brings the total to over 150,000 hotspots, and continuously working to bring that number up while maintaining the same quality of service that represents them.
Wi-Fi Access

Sign up before October 31 and get 30 days of FREE Wi-Fi access via any off the Bright House Wi-Fi Hotspots in the USA, here is more good news, Bright House has a team trained and ready to assist you if you encounter any problems with the sign-up or accessing any of their hotspots, contact customer support they are there to help!!

To be kept up to date follow Bright House support on Twitter they are also always happy to assist and support you in any way possible.

This is a great opportunity don’t let it pass without giving it a try.
Enjoy 30 Days of Free Wi-Fi access!


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Thank you for the good news.
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