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We are so happy today to join our Friends Dawn and Kera by Co-Hosting the Super Sunday Synk.

There is always so much going on over the weekends, and it's so much fun to be able to get social and synk with so many great bloggers, come and join us...

Welcome to Super Sunday Sync #27!
Rules for the "Super-est" hop ever:
1)  Link up a family-friendly post (or your homepage if it will always be decent, please not to another hop) that you think is SUPER!
2)  GFC follow your hosts {Dawn and Kera}, guest hosts {Jay and Natalie}.  We also appreciate (and return) any Facebook Likes, NetworkedBlog, email/RSS, Bloglovin' and Twitter Followers.  Be sure to leave a comment telling us how you follow, we'll follow you back on any and all of them!
3)  Visit the blog before you, and a few others {the more, the merrier} and follow them.  We're all looking to have more followers, that's why we're hopping, right?  Remember to leave a comment and we'll follow you back.
4)  Grab a button and put it somewhere people will see.  We'd love for this hop to really take off and be a weekly event!
mt_ignore:Super Sunday Sync
If you are interested in Guest-hosting the SSS, please 
Don't forget to Tweet!  
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Judy Haughton-James
# http://www,judyh-jsthoughts.blogspot.comJudy Haughton-James 2013-03-17 09:35
Thanks for being guest host Jay. Have a wonderful week.
# Thanks for co-hosting!Dana 2013-03-17 15:05
Visiting from Sunday Sync, and new follower on Twitter and Facebook. Have a great day!
# RE: Super Sunday Synk - Co-hostRosey 2013-03-17 16:21
Thanks for hosting. :)
Disney Girl
# Disney GirlDisney Girl 2013-03-17 21:29
New follower from the Super Sunday Sync......follo wing thru e-mail.

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