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Thankful for Colors #Linky #thanks

Written by Crafty Spices
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Thankful Thursday

While we all can find a million things to be thankful, it’s not every day that we sit to think about each and everything that makes our life better.

One of my personal challenges is to every week write or say out loud something that I am thankful for. From the very simple things that make my every day living easier to the things that we have to work very hard to manage.

I have a better appreciation of my surrounding today than a few years ago, and one of the things that makes life so vivid and full of life are all the different colors that are around us, making things so distinct from one another.

That being said, today I am very Thankful for the colors of the world, I could not imagine a world in black and white without the richness and brightness that color brings to us.

Just looking outside is a pleasure, mainly because of all the colors that nature itself offers us. Last night as i was selecting my daughters clothing for today, matching this with that, I realize how much I love dressing her up and all matched up from head to toes, colors makes this task so much interesting.

How many things are different or rather look different because of a change in color, how about the decoration in our house, just a change in wall paint color can make a huge difference in how a room looks and feel.

So, Thank you for all the wonderful colors that we have been introduce and live with today.

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