Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop 115

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Follow Who?  Social Weekend Hop

Happy New Year 2015
This is our First Follow Who? Social Hop of the year. While I will give you a heads up that we will be implementing a few changes here and there I would lie to let you know that we really appreciate you stopping by every week.

This event would not be what it is if it were not for all of you that join us every week. We hope to get even more involved with each or you in very different ways.

The #SWHop, is a weekly party where we all share our sites and social networks, then go on to visit others and make new Friends. Tell other you are visiting from Crafty Spices Follow Who? If you are a new follower please remember to leave us a comment with your links (or numbers) and we will follow/like you back. Let's have some fun, #SWHOP


"Let's get Social"
Blog Hop
We love to like and follow back. Link up, like & follow, leave a comment below with direct links FB, twitter, etc. and we will stop by with some spice.
Let's get the Party started by spreading the Word, the more people know about it, the better for you, for me and for all. Please tweet about this Hop.

Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop

Rules for this Hop
  1. Follow and like your Hostess . Linky 1
  2. Grab our Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop button and place it somewhere in you site, or link back to us in your own way. It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Visit, follow, like, it's Social Weekend... Like from PERSONAL PAGE ONLY leave a comment that you come from the "Follow who? Hop" or from "Crafty Spices" and be sure to include your Fanpage link so all can follow back. Please follow back
  4. Link only in the appropriate category Blog, Facebook Fanpage etc.
  5. Make new Friends... Hop, hop, link, like and follow back.
Link your Blog Here:
Direct link to your Site
Link your Facebook Fanpage Here:
Remember to follow via you personal page!
Link your Twitter page Here:
Follow Who?
Link your Pinterest page Here:
Follow? is it a Pin?
Link your Instagram page Here:
Shering Pictures!
We can all count on each other to keep growing if we do it together.
Let's see how the "Follow Who? Hop" does this week.
Thank you for joining...
Author: Jay
"Friend, companion, wife, and modern mom to 2 beautiful baby girls. Loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors, likes to cook and bake, enjoys doing crafty things and spending time with her family.

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# Joy's Jots, Shots & WhatnotsJoy 2015-01-02 08:23
Thank-you for hosting.
Sue St Clair
# Happy New YearSue St Clair 2015-01-02 09:24
Happy New Year and thank you for hosting us. :) My first post of the year was a look back at what started out as a very scary and painful time that by the end was amazing. I had a tumultuous year and hoping for a bit more peaceful. Wishing all of us a bright, prosperous, healthy and tranquil new year. Happy 2015!
# Sir Tallyhostevebethere 2015-01-02 09:44
Thanks for hosting Jay have a tanfasticated weekend :-)
# RE: Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop 115meowmeowmans 2015-01-02 11:09
Thank you for hosting, Jay! Happy New Year to you and your family. :)
# Happy New YearStacee 2015-01-02 19:21
Thanks for hosting and Happy New Year!
Paula J
# RE: Follow Who? Social Weekend Hop 115Paula J 2015-01-03 10:19
Happy New Year!!
Thanks for hosting :)
Supriti Chauhan
# Hooked on HomesSupriti Chauhan 2015-01-04 09:43
Thanks for the party Joy! A very Happy New Year to you too!

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