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As we see a Last week as part of our Home-school Co-op group we were a part of Gingerbread house making, as you most likely know by now our girls love to make things with heir hands craft-like but the reality was that the star of the show were not the crafts but the candy that they all had and how they enjoyed “gluing” and eating the same thing.

Moms and children gathered, chat and most importantly we all had a great time. At the end of the day we were all very happy with the fun and interesting houses that were made, some could not wait to destroy it and eat all of it while others preferred to save it for latter and show their master pieces to family and friends. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many great people that come together making our lives better.
GingerBread Houses with the Girls

What is the Story of the Gingerbread House, I guess it depends who you ask since we have found a number of versions, yet one things seems to be clear they are definitely an original American tradition. In Medieval England, “GingerBread” basically means to preserved ginger and before the 15th it was known not to be a sweet treat as it is well known now days.

Gingrebread houses and Friends

As Christmas approaches Gingerbread is a common item on the menu or as part of a day activity and treat, the ginger root use for many other proposes including medicinal treatments seems to have it’s origins in China however it was soon expanded to many other countries and it is currently well known in most of the modern world.

Kira and Kaylee showing off their Gingerbread houses

There are recipes to make Gingerbread cookies including crunchy ones and soft ones made to different shapes and forms specially if one is considering making houses with the cookies.

A Gingrebread house Creation

People from all ages can have fun baking gingerbread cookies or making gingerbread houses and if not most likely that will enjoy eating the gingerbread creations. Give it a try and let share with us your makings, little ones come up with the most creative “gingerbread houses”, have FUN...

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Jeanna Olson
# HothJeanna Olson 2016-12-14 15:00
Funny I decided to play hooky today and enjoy the 14˚ heat wave from the inside while lining up my cookie and candy itinerary. And gingerbread cookies are right up there. Interesting ginger was meant for preservation because I think they are the heartiest of all the Christmas cookies and I don't have to worry about them keeping.
Crafty Spices
# RE: HothCrafty Spices 2016-12-15 00:33
If it's the holidays Gingerbread for sure had to be included. LOL
Happy Holiday Season to you my dear.

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