Five Among Friends 11

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Five Among Friends

This week's questions are brought to us by Kera from Nugget on a Budget

If you are new here, Five Among friends series, is all about sharing personal things and getting to know our online friends better. Each week one of the participants send out 5 questions and we all answer them sharing a little about our lives.

Join us every week to learn something new about us.

Read along and if you would like to join in, just let us know.

It's fun to go from blog to blog and read the different answers from each of our bloggy Friends participating in this event.

Did you know this about me?
1. If you get a day off or a day to just stay at home {and not have to go anywhere}, what's on your list of things to do?
    Day's in or out I just always have so much to do, I have prioritize and try to not think to much of the things I'm not doing at the moment, but it's not easy. The most important thing for me to do is spend time with my Family, our girls take probably about 99% of my time, and yet I try so much to be there for them and do things that will make them a person of good in the future.

    If I had nothing at all to do, and that is a big IF I would play educational games with our girls.
2. Are you a dog or cat person, or neither? Do you have a pet?
    During my childhood we always had dogs, I loved playing with them and while I still love dogs I tend to stay a bit farther these days. I also like cat's (Never own one, but many of my friends do). We don't have pets
3. Do you collect anything {or have a hobby your passionate about}? What is it?
    While I can't say I'm currently collecting since it's been years that I don't touch it I do have a coin collection that I actually joined with one that my husband has. Both my husband and I collect pins from any place that we visit.

    And since we are at the topic I would love to collect hand bags and / or shoes LOL ... But I don't :)
4. Cabin in the mountains or house on the beach?
    Beach, no questions asked. I do like a cabin ones in a while but if I had the option between one or the other I would always choose Beach.
5. What is the best piece of life advice that you can give?
    Live, love, be always honest and forgive.

    Don't take for granted what you have, specially your family and friends they are the most precious thing one can have.

That's all for now
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